"Gina Kelley is an outstanding teacher! After just a few Alexander sessions I realized how much I was using my body wrong in most daily activities. With Gina’s guidance my back and hips started feeling better soon, but the sessions after that were even more important  because I learned how to function better in so many ways. Gina’s keen sensitivity and her additional experience with yoga helped me understand deeply how I needed to progress. I continue to appreciate her expertise as I learn for myself how to find a balanced and strong way to live." 

– Norman D., Founder, Rebecca’s Natural Food


“Gina is a gifted teacher.  I spent a number of months with her learning the benefits of Alexander Technique.  She taught me how to be aware of tension and unnecessary ‘holding on’ that prevents freedom of movement.  Her gentle touch or suggestion to ‘let go’ provided the opportunity to be aware of unnecessary tensions and poor postures that cause inefficient movement and strain.  I always left my lesson feeling lighter, more balanced and freer in my movements.    With her help, I learned to be mindful of how to move with less effort and to incorporate this into my daily activities. ”

– Doris B., administrative assistant


“For a long time I was intimidated by the idea of participating in yoga classes, but I finally found my way to Gina’s class. Just from those first few moments when we centered and set intentions, I knew I had discovered the ideal place for me to grow in my practice. Gina weaves into each session a splendid balance between restorative poses and power-building sequences. The gentle adjustments she makes during class have helped me realize that it’s more rewarding to approach poses in a way that makes sense for my body, rather than struggling to imitate some idea of the “perfect form” we often see in yoga-related advertising. Gina’s verbal and visual instructions regarding what to think about during poses are informed by her Alexander Technique practice, and I find them extremely helpful for body alignment and for getting the most benefit out of each pose. I leave each of her classes feeling blissfully nourished and invigorated at the same time.”

– Bethany H., university administrator


“It is a benefit being in Gina’s yoga class.  Her style of teaching, coupled with body alignment provides a wonderful example and experience.  Gina’s class is not only a workout but a gentle way of honoring the body through mindful movement, allowing the body to awaken and liven through simple but powerful movements using yoga and the Alexander Technique.  I did not know much of Alexander Technique prior to coming to Gina’s classes.  However, the more I attend her classes, the more I have developed an appreciation for Alexander Technique and the important role it plays in posture and life long body alignment.  I have benefited greatly from Gina’s style of yoga.  I find the postures and the mindful manner that she utilizes to teach her class permeating my other physical and work activities throughout my day, beyond her class.

I appreciate immensely Gina’s style of teaching. She is kind, compassionate and her gentle manner provides a safe atmosphere for instruction without losing the mind-body connection.  The emphasis in her class is not on the Instructor but rather on the Participant. She is always good to move around the classroom and through her simple yet thorough verbal instruction, unobtrusively helps each participant with better alignment and positioning.  I sense each of us feel this “gift” as we leave her classroom, a little more aligned, a little more strong, a little more connected to ourselves and the world around us.”

– Cawood F., nurse practitioner


I just wanted to thank you for being such a calming, gentle, encouraging teacher. This class has helped me keep sane through some of the most stressful times in my life. Even when things aren’t crazy, I look forward to feeling empowered, peaceful and restful after your classes. Best of luck to you, and keep working your magic!

– Erica L., non-profit professional moving abroad


I feel comfortable and accepted in Gina’s classes. Some teachers come across as being more interested in showing off what advanced asanas they can do. That only discourages me. Gina’s classes challenge me yet at the same time I don’t feel any sense of competitiveness or judgment. I feel like she is there as a guide to help me to be as in touch with my ability as my conformation will allow. That Gina incorporates so much of her Alexander Technique training into her classes is a huge positive for me. I like that she will do hands-on work to help achieve better alignment and deepen a pose to the extent possible.

I like that Gina’s classes flow almost like a dance. The pace is lovely and the asanas make sense physically so that I feel like my practice is graceful.  After most practices, I am not ready to get right up and run off to whatever is next. After class my mind always feels calm and quiet and my body is relaxed – exactly what I need after the overstimulation of a day at work.

 — Linda B., university professor


Retreat Testimonials from Rest in the Heart: Fall 2015

“The retreat was in a beautiful setting. Gina and Sandra set a wonderful inclusive mood. The info and experiences with the Alexander Technique and yoga were very clear and helpful. Thanks for a special time with special people.”

“Gina and Sandra fostered a wonderful sense of ease, focus, and awareness at the weekend retreat. They worked well together to create a balanced space of stillness and motion, a space that in turn helped me to tune-in and refuel.”

“A beautiful hillside, a lovely community, and a rare opportunity to experience both the stillness and inner calm of yoga with the openness and awareness of the Alexander Technique.”

“The Alexander Technique and Yoga are a natural combination. Extremely important for anyone wanting to improve their life and expand their spiritual life.”

“I got to know amazing people with fascinating life stories that I would not otherwise have met.”

“This retreat was just the relaxing weekend I needed. Great instruction, comfortable, beautiful surroundings, and delicious food. Thanks!”

“It was a real pleasure to get away for a weekend and spend it with others who value an Alexander approach to yoga. Gina and Sandra are super knowledgeable, thoughtful, and considerate of the needs each individual. The setting was lovely. I’m definitely looking forward to the next retreat that Gina and Sandra offer. Thank you to both Gina and Sandra for an amazing experience.”

“Everything about the retreat worked perfectly for me! We had a great mix of interesting people who I enjoyed meeting; and both instructors did an excellent job meshing their disciplines to bring out the deeper nuances of the practices. I wish only that all of us could have brought our significant others to partake as well!”