“I leave each of Gina’s classes feeling blissfully nourished and invigorated at the same time.”  – BH, Student

Practicing yoga balances the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves, offers a pathway for the release of physical and mental tensions, and the opening of energy resources.  Yoga is also a great complement to athletic pursuits such as running, cycling, weight training, and swimming.

As with any activity, yoga can be practiced in a tense and unbalanced manner (often leading to injury and decreasing the general benefits), or it can be practiced with balance, ease and good movement principles. Gina offers a rethinking of yoga alignment that is informed by what the Alexander Technique can tell us about how our bodies are actually designed to work.

Through group and individual instruction, Gina integrates the beauty of vinyasa (flow) with mindfulness and anatomical guidance.  Intelligently sequenced instruction invites each student to find freedom to thrive in their own yoga practice.  A cornerstone of Gina’s instruction is to offer hands-on Alexander guidance during yoga sessions to help students become more aware of tension and habits and to find greater potential in movement.

Visit the offerings page to find out about private and public group classes. You can also sign up for individual instruction. A wide range of students seek out private lessons with Gina including:

  • beginning or intermediate students who want individualized attention in alignment, understanding of poses, and sequencing;
  • regular practitioners who prefer to practice yoga privately or with a small group of friends or family;
  • yogis who usually take faster-paced classes and find themselves unsure of how to achieve advanced poses within the flow or who have sustained injuries and wish to re-examine their practice.