Frequently Asked Questions About Alexander Technique

What are the benefits of taking Alexander Technique Lessons?

Differing from other modalities that are treatment-based, AT lessons are educational, offering the student opportunities to learn about Self along with receiving therapeutic benefits. Specific benefits from lessons include: Back and Neck Ease ~ Pain Release ~ Increased Concentration ~ Improved Mobility ~ Physical Agility and Balance ~ Enhanced Overall Functioning ~ Improved Poise and Confidence ~ Greater Self Understanding ~ Learning Practices to Implement at Home

Is the Technique about learning “good posture?”

This is a common phrase people mention when asked if they have heard of the Alexander Technique. Usually when we think of good posture, we try to sit up straight and tall and hold that stance, which is not comfortably possible of course for an extended period of time.  Since everyday life involves moving from one activity to another, and responding to the stimuli we meet in those activities, a way to think about the Alexander Technique is that it invites us to have greater poise and responsiveness — greater ease — in all activities.

Who benefits from the Alexander Technique?

Everyone can benefit from exploring AT including: Office Workers ~ Those Experiencing Back and Neck Pain, Stress, or Fatigue ~ Yogis ~ Expectant Moms ~ Gardeners ~ Runners ~Golfers ~ Cyclists ~ Parents ~ Children & Youth ~ Photographers ~ Hairstylists ~ Those who work in Retail or Restaurants ~ Musicians ~ Actors ~ Dancers ~ the list is endless!

What does a lesson entail?

In a lesson, you will perform everyday activities such as getting in and out of a chair, walking, and standing. We will also examine any activity you would like help with such as working at a desk/computer, yoga poses, gardening, driving, playing an instrument, picking up a small child, or cooking. I will help you examine these activities to uncover unconscious habits and tension patterns and do hands-on work with you to develop new, efficient and easeful patterns of choice and movement.

Another aspect of a lesson is ”table work”. You will lie on your back on a massage table (fully clothed) and I will gently guide your body into releasing unnecessary muscle tension without the challenge of having to be upright. This will help restore a sense of ease and freedom to your mind-body.

Where can I learn more about the Alexander Technique?

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